A Little About Me

Photographer / Stylist

Stacy Howell

Stacy is a commercial photographer and food stylist, she divides her time between New York City, Charleston SC and Puerto Rico. With an eye for composition and light, she approaches each shoot with a rustic, authentic and story-telling style ranging from light and fresh to dark and dramatic.

Always showcasing food in its natural state, she loves to focus on the gorgeous details and colors that make you feel like you’re close to something delicious and beautiful. Her vibrant reverence for the culinary spirit makes her a favorite among hardworking chefs and restaurateurs.

Stacy’s work highlights her knack for capturing the essence of captivating personalities and truly unique companies. Stacy’s fun personality and strong work ethic allows her to produce compelling photography for all level of businesses, from sole-proprietors looking for scale, affordable and quick photography, to in-house creative teams within a company or advertising agency looking for someone who is going to deliver highly successful, elegant and sophisticated imagery.